More Buyers Will Qualify For Mortgages In 2015

Dated: 11/25/2014

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More Buyers will Qualify for mortgages in 2015.

2014 saw the lowest number of first time home buyers in the previous 5 years, most speculate the reason behind this is becuase of the "credit crunch" since the market crash of 2008. 
Well all that is about to change, in recent months we've been hearing all sorts of news about sub-prime mortgages returning as well as "No-Doc" loans. This coupled with the Maryland Mortgage programs triple-play, which provides up to $20,000 in cash to first time home buyers to purchase a home, show signs that the state and banks are gearing up to boost the housing market, and loosening up credit restrictions to allow more consumers access to housing.

We've already begun working with buyers with credit scores below 600, and have been very successful fulfilling their american dream. If you think your credit is preventing you from purchasing, think again. Contact us today see what programs are available to you today to purchase.

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