Follow These Tips To Get It SOLD Under 30 Days

Dated: 02/01/2018

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Follow these tips to get it SOLD under 30 days

When selling a home, you want a return on your investment. Most of us understand that to maximize our home’s value, we have to get it into tip-top shape to make it appealing. Of course you’ve gone through the process of cleaning up aesthetic issues like leaks and cracks, and you’ve cleaned and painted the exterior, and you think your home is ready to go on the market. Unfortunately, there are still some potential issues when it comes to selling your home.

In order to avoid these potential issues, here are some important things to remember.

Calculated and Competitive Price Point

Overpricing the home is the number one way to have it linger on the market for months on end. Trust the information your real estate agent provides you from comps and any appraisals done to your property to price your home fairly for your type of home in your neighborhood. Buyers have many options, and while the home market is in recovery, most are still looking for a good deal. We understand that you have invested money, time, and blood, sweat, and tears into your home. But remember: your home is not worth what you paid for it or what the improvements you made to it cost you; it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  

Emotions Run High

Homes are more than buildings. After living in them for so many years, they can feel like a part of the family. They hold onto memories and secrets like lived-in diaries. But when it comes time to sell your home, you have to separate business and nostalgia. Those feelings only belong to you and your family and shouldn’t get tangled up in such a large financial transaction like selling a home. To begin, you have to be willing to eliminate some of the clutter in the home that you may not consider clutter. Excessive picture frames, trophies, and art class drawings magnetized to the fridge should be minimized to help the home appeal to new buyers. Next, remove the pencil marks that show the kids’ heights or the mural you painted in the nursery. Make the home a blank slate for the new owner’s memories. Finally, you can’t take a lower offer as a personal slight or negative judgment passed on your beloved home. It is a business transaction and negotiation is simply a part of it.

Level 7 Exposure

These days, buyers begin home searches online. Sure, some may see a sign in your yard, but if you neglect the internet, you are leaving out a substantial segment of the market. You want as many people viewing the home as possible. You especially want to create demand for your home to entice buyers to bid fairly and quickly so they feel they won’t miss out. That means getting into all of the online databases and many, many pictures. In most cases, it pays to have a professional photograph your home. Most experienced real estate agents will have a photographer they can recommend. An experienced real estate photographer will know how to stage your home and photograph it at the most dynamic angles to enhance its selling points, maximize its appeal, and get potential buyers in your door. The Newman Group has professional photographers and home stagers to present your home perfectly!

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