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Dated: 11/05/2017

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When buying a home many people face themselves with the question of if they want to buy a townhouse or a single-family house. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for your next place to live or if you are an investor looking for your next investment property. This article will compare the two and hopefully help make the decision easier!

“I want a large quality living space, but I also want a yard outside, but I don’t want to pay too much”

This is the main challenge besides price that people face when comparing the two. Most of the time one or the other will be sacrificed. It’s very important to become clear on what is important to you and your family.

Pictured above you’ll see a photo of a townhouse and a single family. Both of which are located in Odenton, MD and recently hit the market. Below I’ll compare the square footage of the two living and lot spaces!

This townhouse is a typical townhouse. It is 3 levels with 1 Master Bedroom and Bathroom occupying the entire top floor, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath on the middle level, the living room, kitchen, and a half bathroom are all on the main level. Total there is 3 bed 2.5 Bathrooms. (keep in mind every house is different, some townhouses may have finished basements)

Most townhouses are somewhat similar. Where as Single Family houses come in many different styles and shapes from a colonial, cape cod, bungalow, rancher, etc.. This particular property is a 1 Story Rancher. This particular property has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a finished lower level basement that can be used for recreation.

  • Townhouse Living Area – 1,490 Sq. Ft

  • Single Family Living Area – 960 Sq. Ft

  • Townhouse Lot Space – 1,122 Sq. Ft

  • Single Family Lot Space – 10,349 Sq. Ft


When buying a house.. PRICE MATTERS! It’s important that you find the right house for the right price! Keep in mind Location and condition are always the main determining factors of price!

Townhouses are typically cheaper than single family homes. Most people actually prefer to live in single family homes. But many people choose to live in townhouses because they offer more quality living space for less dollars. When analyzing the market many times I find freshly renovated townhouses with new appliances for cheaper than a non-renovated single family homes.

Single family houses typically cost more than townhouses. However, They make up for it by allowing you to have ownership of land. Once you own land you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it. (Unless there is an HOA) depending on your space you could add on to your property to make an extra bedroom, bathroom, or living area. Which would increase the value of your property.

  • Townhouse List Price - $270,000

  • Single Family List Price - $315,000



Single family houses typically require more maintenance and more attention to detail have to be taken into effect when buying a single-family home. For example, Foundation, Crawlspace, Well/Septic, Roof, Siding, and Structural problems that may have wear and tear over the years since the house was built.

Townhouse living usually comes with an HOA Fee that covers general maintenance due such as landscaping, roof repairs, siding, trash/snow removal, etc.. It all Depends on what the HOA of the subdivision covers. With general maintenance being taken care of you will not have to worry about scraping up cash to maintain those things because you will already be paying a monthly fee to take care of it all.

I hope this article helps make this decision for you a little bit easier 😊 If you would like. You can check out the listings that are pictured above on my website for FREE at the link below!



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