Critical Home Seller Mistakes

Dated: 02/04/2015

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Critical Home Seller Mistakes

Everyday thousands of former home sellers nationwide get bombarded with phone calls from aggressive agents looking for business. You may not have heard of this but it its called "Prospecting for Expireds". If you want to stay off this expired list, you should heed these warnings. Nowadays there are between 50-100 expired listings everyday, these are properties that for whatever reason didn't sell and the homeowners are giving up. The three most common reasons homes don't sell in today's market are listed below.

Pricing too high - Every owner has a certain amount of pride in their home, it was usually their first, and largest investment, and we tend to pat ourselves on the back more than we deserve, this also shows up in real estate when an owner unrealistically over values their house for one or more intangible reasons. Unfortunately for them, the buyers don't have the same sentimental value, they are looking at what else they can get in your neighborhood, and often for less.  Buyers are always looking for a deal, and with Zillow Zestimates, and other property valuation tools online, they can see how you stand in the market, if you're priced high, they will see it and usually wont even bother visiting your home.

Restrictive Showings - These days buyers want what they want when they want it. They also want to see homes when they want to see them, if you have restrictive showing days and times, buyers and agents are just going to pass by your home because most of the listings online allow immediate showings without any notice. In todays fast paced world if your not ready for showings, you might as well not be on the market at all. I can't tell you how many times I've come across a home that required 24 hrs notice and the buyers decided to fully pass and find another home to buy in the same day. When buyers are shopping, chances are they are ready to buy, if they can't get into your house when theyre ready, they're probably going to move on and find something else and forget all about you.

Bad Pictures - 90% of home buyers start their shopping online. They are shopping on numerous websites that collect homes from every area and display the listing information with pictures and details. Also, studies show that users engage with visuals 76% more than text. The latest fad for real estate agents is to hire professional photographers to provide stunning images for their listings. If you or your agent are taking photos with an old sony point and shoot, or God forbid a cell phone camera, you are going to do yourself a huge disservice. Buyers are going to be judging your house from what they see online first, and that's how they will make their decision on which homes to visit and which homes to pass. The number one thing you can do to help boost your showings is to present the home online with captivating imagery.

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